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Sloyd 80


Here you will find my range of green wood carving knives.

My straight blade sloyd knives are made of very hard RWL-34 for great edge holding and are available in two sizes.

My hook knife range consists of roughing-out knives and finishing knives which are available in both right hand cut and left hand cut. They are hand forged from quarter inch silversteel and carefully tempered for a superb cutting edge.

Happy Carving!

Sloyd 80

Slojd 80.jpg
Slojd 80.jpg

Sloyd 80


A 80mm long blade from the Swedish wood-carving tradition.

The blade is made from RWL-34, the superb steel from Söderfors in Sweden. It has excellent sharpness and edge holding capabilities and is also stainless.

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