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On the Bench Today

Tim Chilcott

I have been ploughing through the order book today to catch up on the commissions I have stacking up. 

From a little 2" carving knife through sets of chef's knives to another of my big 'Marines Hunter'. 


All these knives are in RWL-34, a steel which I've been using for quite a few years now. Made in Sweden, it is stainless, takes a superb cutting edge and is extremely hard and wear resistant without being too brittle. 

"What's the down side" you maybe thinking. Well for me it is quite a fight to get a fine finish on. Many heroic polishing belts met their doom today to get these blades ready for the polishing mop. 

For my customers, however, there is no downside. It's just about as perfect a knife steel as one could get!