Handmade Knives

Small Neck Knife. Handmade knives by Green Man Knives

My name is Tim Chilcott and I specialise in making handmade knives for a diverse range of uses.

I make every part of my knives myself in my garden workshop in Essex, UK. Blades are cut and ground from sheet tool steels of various types then heat treated in house.

I source the fine hardwoods carefully and stablise them so they become very tough handles. I also use some synthetic materials, such as micarta, when it is called for.

I also carryout all the leather work personally using vegetable tanned tooling cow hide which I dye by hand then stitch by hand to create sheathes for my knives that will last a lifetime

I make it a very special point that I do not make weapons but the most basic and versatile tool human technology has ever devised.

Types of Handmade Knives

I make tools for many purposes and some are quite obscure, such as a harpsichord maker’s quill knife, but the ones that I make, hold in stock and sell through my website and at Country Fairs are listed below.

  • Kitchen Knives
  • Hunting Knives
  • Bushcraft Knives
  • Wood-carving Knives

My handmade knives use no standard, bought in components resulting in totally original products. I also carry out the leather work for sheathes in my small workshop in Essex, England.

handmade chefs knivesTo See My Work

You can view my work ‘in the flesh’ by appointment by sending me a message or by finding me at one of the many fairs at which I show throughout the summer months. See my schedule here.

Online Shopping

In the shop section of my website you will find knives that I have in stock ready for immediate dispatch to you; these items will have the “Add to Basket” button present.

You can also order a custom knife from my stock designs; these items will have the “Select Options” button allowing you to specify the handle material and blade material. On ordering a custom made knife I will email you with a delivery date. Please note this changes through the year; November and December being particularly busy!

Handmade Knives Made-to-Order

handmade bushcraft knives

If you require any form of custom-made knife or cutting tool please send me a message and we’ll get the ball rolling.

I will discuss with you your requirements, prepare designs and a quote, (not an estimate!), and once we are agreed it will be made to your specifications.